Allison Spitzer – Periwinkle Health

Authentic Solutions for You & Your Family


Clients choose Periwinkle Health to resolve:

  • relationship problems
  • depression
  • stress
  • communication breakdowns
  • transitions
  • anxiety and a
  • wide range of family problems, mental health and social issues.

Here, you will find clarity, and the freedom to address problems in a comfortable manner. Sessions are intended to comfort and help you find the strength to change worry into action.

These are active conversations, proactive two-way dialogues and guidance. If you’ve been “in therapy” before, you’ll notice a profound difference.

Clients choose traditional Talk Therapy modalities or short-term, solution-oriented principles of Coaching, or the active experiences  of Alternative Therapies. This insures a process uniquely suited to you, your situation, and your personality.

Allison Spitzer’s approach to healing, developed over thirty five years helps you get right to the heart of things — quickly and well.

You’ll find a compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced active listener to support you during troubled times.

At Periwinkle Health, getting better feels good. Even on your First Visit.