Kathleen A.D.

Thank you for all that you’ve helped me realize and accomplish over the past few months. I am truly grateful for all your help.

Les. G.

Thank you again and again and again!
(My daughter) LOVES the get togethers and feels not only safe and comfy sharing, but also has so much fun and feels such a connection to (the other girls) and of course to you!!!

Glenn S.

Our son (age 15) has turned around 180 degrees. He’s made unbelievable progress since he first started seeing you. Thanks for all your help.

Wendy R.

I never knew that therapy could be so much FUN (even though)I cried a bucketful! You’re the real deal.

Karla G.

I have truly appreciated all the help, techniques and guidance you have given me over the past months – it has definitely worked! I don’t have night terrors any more and I feel like I have the tools to be honest about my feelings.(My husband and I) have been honest with each other for the past couple of months due to your help and advice and have been much better about being open and discussing our feelings! In my opinion, these months have been the best they have been for some time.

Joan S.

Thank you for your wise reminders of what is important in life.  This connection is such a blessing!

Karin K.

This is JUST what I’d hoped for!

Rosy B.

You make me feel like I’m something, not nothing.

Sean F.

You’re making me think and by extension I’m looking at things differently. This is diametrically opposed to my previous experiences and I must admit a whole world of new possibilities seem to now exist! I have never seen a professional before and now realize that was a big mistake. Thanks, Allison.

Ellen S.

You are an inspiration to me when I think of happiness and seeing fun as much as possible (in my life)! Your smile….really you are the best and I admire you very much.

R.B. (Age 77)

I trust you. I trust you! I really do!

Molly M. (Age 16)

This is NOT what I expected. It’s way better! I feel so much more powerful after (the first session)!